About us


INGESER provides innovative solutions and technological developments in line with current needs in terms of design, harmonization and efficient use of space.


Being at the forefront of the latest technologies is a fundamental premise that is integrated into the DNA of INGESER to offer the best solutions to suit the particular needs of each customer, carrying out each project holistically, from the birth of the idea to the execution or realization of it.


Our ability to adapt to the needs of our client because we are a flexible company and the current reality in which all projects have to be innovative to demonstrate a differential fact that flexibility is what makes us adapt to different types of projects we manage.


A professional team, consisting of engineers, architects, economists and other consultants with many years of experience, which has all the most advanced technologies for the design and development of the Project, for follow-up to full implementation tools and techniques, Ingeser is the best guarantee that has to have the trust of its customers.


INGESER has offices in Madrid, Andalusia and Catalonia, with offices spread throughout Spain. We manage financial aid and grants customer committing ourselves to achieving whatever steps are necessary for the granting and subsequent recovery of such aid and grants.



INGESER is an engineering, architecture and consulting with over 40 years of activity and more than 3,000 projects in civil engineering, food engineering, pharmaceutical, logistics, architecture, urban planning, productivity, environment, projection effective solutions, grant management and coordination of project implementation.


The aim of INGESER is simply to ask our customers solutions tailored to their needs, their industries and business policies. Solutions beginning in the design of their new production, or plants in extensions thereof, reforms and legalizations, and even a fundamental point within any business sector such as process improvement, working under the banner of innovation services as one of the cornerstones of the development of our activity.


INGESER, renowned as benchmark for quality service and technical solutions provided both industries and buildings in which it specializes, works to strengthen, day by day, this consolidated loyal customers and satisfied based increasingly wide.


INGESER intends to continue being the company of architectural, engineering and expert consulting in the Industrial Sector, providing our customers value added services in high demand and innovation as PROJECT MANAGEMENT and process improvement (re-engineering or redesign). All this, under the dedication, comprehensive and personalized service that differentiates us to address the needs and concerns that each client transmits your business.


Our values of quality, consistency and teamwork are the brand that we are on INGESER guide:


QUALITY. Perform optimally projects with professionalism and seriousness.

COHERENCE. Maintain cohesion between mission and vision.

TEAMWORK. Full coordination of the members of the company.


Other values that add up in our organization are the expert qualification and training of our team, effective organization of our company, have an internal communication via solid character. Values that promote knowledge management and decision making more agile and efficient manner.


Also, working in the industrial sector provides a strong capacity for innovation and international appreciation.


Finally, remember INGESER flexibility in communicating with customers, loyalty and increasing range image and brand of our company.