Experience and

INGESER provides innovative solutions and technological developments according to current needs in terms of design, harmonization and efficient use of space. Being at the forefront of the latest technologies is a fundamental premise that is integrated into the DNA of Ingeser to offer the best solutions to suit the particular needs of each client. These are our services:


INGESER has extensive experience in the implementation of projects, having worked in over 3,000 industries. This area is made up of graduates and specialists who are responsible for carrying out the technical work of design industries, Project Engineering, Detail Engineering, calculations of facilities, Attachments, Reports, Reprints necessary for the design and presentation to the different companies, Contests hiring suppliers nationally and internationally and advice on hiring (made with a notebook INGESER exclusive procedure) and the optional address and execution.


On the other hand deals with the realization of the work management official authorizations required for obtaining the approval of the industry and the necessary permits from the various public authorities (Agriculture, Health, Industry, Town Hall, etc.).

Fields where INGESER has proven experience are, among others:


  • Basic engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Facilities
  • Detail Engineering
  • FEL
  • Industrial permitting (legal authorizations)
  • EPC (Key on hand).
  • Revit / BIM
  • Construction management
  • Execution management
  • Competition Suppliers

Architecture and Urbanism

Architecture area consists on architects and quantity surveyors specialized in the design of buildings. We offer our customers the knowledge and good working in the drafting of architectural projects, both in new construction and interior design, as well as rehabilitations or other disciplines. We also perform construction management, where we coordinate the different suppliers involved in the project.


INGESER always present compliance with the accessibility of buildings and public spaces, the implementation of current regulations, energy efficiency, and respect for the historical heritage and care for the environment.

INGESER provides advice to our customers in urban planning, by conducting urban reports: Industrial estates, records ruin, licenses for major works, minor works licenses, legalizations, groupings and segregations of estates and buildings.

Project Management

INGESER has a business area composed of a team of Project Management (Project Management) personnel responsible and dedicated to the successful achievement of the projects stipulated ACCORDING to the forms and regulations raised in the course of the activity, since the concept is determined to to completion. This team Consist of experienced staff with Study and Expresses experience in Achieving projects by philosophy PROJECT MANAGEMENT Which Ensure Agreed deadlines, budgets stipulated and required qualities, established since the beginning of the project and all based on a comprehensive and coherent PLANNING With the Development Project AIMS.

The primary mission of our staff, trained and certified by the PMI (PROJECT MANAGER INSTITUTE), is to achieve the goal of the project within the same Objectives and constraints: scope, time, quality and budget. It is essential to optimize the Present allocation of resources and integrate the inputs Necessary to Achieve the Objectives defined at the outset.

Official aid


This area aims to obtain for our clients, of Official Aid to proceed at all times, performing work management Official Aid. It works to achieve the award and subsequent collection of many official aid (grants) entitled the new projected at all levels of government (local, regional, Central and U.E.) investments.


INGESER working on their projects under the premises of Environmental Sustainability, fulfilling the requirements established by the environmental specifications.


INGESER works to manage environmental solutions in accordance with current regulations in each sector and geographical location.


INGESER is specialized in the following fields:

  • Sewage Treatment.
  • Osmosis plants.
  • Environmental Reports (integrated environmental permits, unified,…).
  • Waste treatment plants.
  • Transfer Center.
  • Recycling plants.
  • Clean points.

 Consulting and Process Improvement

INGESER works to achieve two fundamental goals in PROCESS IMPROVEMENT:


Main goal: “Getting the process-based management principle in the organization approach”


That is, according to the strategic objectives of the organization, design and manage processes effectively and efficiently, guiding the company towards a process approach versus traditional orientation functions.


Second Objective: “Reengineering, redesign or process improvement.”

The latter consisting of:


  • Analyze and improve key processes of the company, strengthening continuous improvement thereof.
  • Encourage participation and involvement of staff and the internalization of the new approach, so that will be reflected in the defined processes.
  • Make recommendations and implement improvements with regard to:
    • Production and service delivery processes.
    • Their information and control systems.
    • The most efficient operation of these processes organizational structures.

The work is always done as a team, with the active participation of staff of the company, seeking the maximum involvement from the beginning.